If you see the following message whilst trying to access either BigGantt or BigPicture for Jira Cloud, follow the steps described in this article.


  1. Go to Settings –> System –> Global permissions
  2. Scroll down to 'Grant Permission' section wherein you need to select 'atlassian-addons-admin' Group. 

  3. Steps:
    1. From the "Grant" drop-down select - Browse users and groups.
    2. From the "Group" drop-down select - atlassian-addons-admin.
    3. Click "Add" button below.  
    Repeat for Share dashboards and filters.

    You can see that the permissions above have been updated. 

  4. If the "BigGantt/BigPicture needs access!" message still appears, reinstall the plugin (go to Apps drop-down at the top > Manage your apps).

    If by any chance the problem still occurs on your end do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via the ServiceDesk.