The WBS Widget is a customizable task list and works similarly to the Gantt and Scope modules tasks lists. You can display different fields as columns, change the aggregation and display options. To learn more about customizing the columns, go to Column Views Scope.

It shows the currently viewed task and its direct parent, or you can see the whole scope of the Box to which the tasks belong.

Configuration and Security

Box Switcher

Your tasks might be included within the scope of multiple Boxes (and sub-Boxes); the Box picker will help you find them. Alternatively, this information will also be displayed if you click on the task using the Gantt module.

Use the Box picker to switch between Boxes and show the currently viewed tasks in relation to others in the hierarchy.

Show on Gantt

You can jump directly to the Gantt module - the App will highlight the currently viewed task.


If a task is hidden because of the active filters, the app won't be able to highlight the task.