There may be a number of important dates that call for special care and attention. You can highlight them using a marker whatever they may be: from an important external event to a deadline, you name it. Once highlighted, they'll become instantly visible to all users with access to the App and appropriate security roles to view the Box content.

Markers can only be viewed using the App and when you add a marker, it will be visible on the timeline of the following modules:

  • Overview
  • Gantt

With live synchronization and a variety of colors to choose from, you can make your timeline a complete source of information for everyone.

Security and Configuration

  • To add, edit and remove markers you need at least the Box editor security role.
  • To enable LiveSync, go to Jira Administration > Manage Apps > Technical Configuration > Advanced > Lab Features, and enable LiveSync. Finally, activate "LiveSync on Gantt's Markers." Requires Jira admin permission.  Once LiveSync on, new Markers will be instantly displayed in the Gantt Module. This way, every viewer will know all the important dates.

Displaying Markers

The Board and Roadmap Modules display markers by default. To see markers in the Gantt Module, you need to enable them first. To do this, click on the timeline options button ". . ." in the top-right corner of the timeline and put a checkmark next to markers in the dialog box.

Click on the marker to expand it or hover over it to display additional information:

Markers in sub-Boxes

Markers are inherited by sub-Boxes so that all the important dates are clearly visible to users. However, if you create a marker when working with a sub-Box will not show in the upper-level Box.

Current Date Marker

The current date is indicated with a purple marker which you can not edit. It's graphically represented by a circle outline with a dot at the center.

Adding Custom Markers 

Gantt Module

To add a new marker, hover you pointer above the timeline date area, and a blue indicator with a plus icon will appear. Now click to open a dialog box for adding markers. Make sure that the markers are enabled first. Here's how to add a marker on Friday 5th :

You can color code custom markers to differentiate between types of events. Use various colours, adjust the dates, and include additional information to make sure that everyone knows everything about the event:

Overview Module

Timeline markers can be displayed and modified in the Overview module.

Editing and deleting markers

To edit a marker, click on it (or in case of Gantt right-click) and select edit to change:

  • Name
  • Color
  • Date
  • Additional description

To delete the marker, click on it (or in case of Gantt right-click) and select 'delete'.