Access denied (missing App permissions)

This splash screen appears when a user tried to enter the App from a Jira Project context, but they lack permission to access the App.

Make sure users have access to the App and Boxes as needed. Verify the security settings of the App and Boxes.

No App access

User needs to be added to BigPicture (Administration > Security) if they have not been granted access to the app. 

No Box access

Even if a matching Box exists, if a user doesn't have access to it (they haven't been added as Box users) they can't access it through a Jira project.

The app will try to suggest to a user creating a "perfect match" Box:

  • the user either sees an option to create a new Box
  • or a message informing them that they don't have permissions sufficient to create a Box

No permissions to create a Matching Box

You can't create a Box, because of App security settings.

In order to create a Box you need to: