The current Atlassian “Copy production data” feature doesn't migrate add-on/plugins' data. 

Presently, in order to copy production BigPicture/ BigPicture Enterprise/ BigTemplate data from cloud production to a cloud sandbox, you will require the assistance of our team. We are more than happy to help with the process. 

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Make sure to prepare Jira environments and data as follows: 


Confirm environments.

Confirm the source cloud production and target could sandbox environments.  

Replicate data from cloud production to the cloud sandbox site.

The recommendation from the SoftwarePlant team is to not use a data copy older than 2 weeks. The more recent, the better. 

Install SoftwarePlant add-ons.

On the destination (sandbox) install as needed: BigTemplate, BigPicture, BigPicture Enterprise.

Confirm add-on license.

Make sure that the add-ons have been successfully installed and that the license is valid. 

Confirm timestamp (include timezone) of Jira data restore.

Provide a timestamp of the Jira restore - this will allow us to make sure the add-on data matches the state of Jira at a given point in time. 

SoftarePlant Team 

Reach out to us  to provide the necessary information and grant us permission to carry out the process. Once details have been confirmed, we will let you know when can we replicate the BigPicture production database on the sandbox instance. Once the process has been completed we will let you know. 


Send required data to SoftwarePlant

  • cloud production site URL and ID
  • cloud sandbox site URL and ID
  • Timestamp & timezone of restore point instance 
  • Authorization message - we need your permission to carry out the process

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our support team.

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