You can change the terminology and rename modules. To avoid confusion check the module icon which is unalterable.

The Resources module provides essential information to manage resources both at project and portfolio levels but can also give an insight into resource utilization during a sprint.

You can actually use this view to manage resources across the whole organization.

Using different effort modes you can analyze resource consumption, currently utilized resources as well as the forecasted availability.

The  "Perfect match" feature will help you in leveling your resources by suggesting available assignees both at individual and team levels.



Individual and Team view

Switch between the Individual and Team views to show your resources as assigned users or teams.

If you want tasks assigned to an individual to be automatically assigned to their team, enable the "Tasks assigned to an individual are auto-assigned to their team" option in the App Configuration > Modules > Resources tab. 

Adding tasks

Use the '+' button to create new tasks. 

Skill panel

Enable the skill panel to show the skill demand. Skills need to be specified at the user level (skill supply) and at the task level (skill demand).

Resource filtersFilter resources using the in-build resource filters. Depending on the current view - Individual or Teams.
Effort mode

The workload allocation can be expressed using the following source data of Time tracking fields:

The module distributes the workload evenly over the duration period.

You can choose the unit you want the capacity to be displayed in:

  • Hours (for Original and Remaining Estimate only)
  • Man-days (for Original and Remaining Estimate only)
  • Percent (for Original, Remaining Estimate and Story points)
  • Story points (for Story points only)
View options

Show the tasks for each Resource / Teams

      • Expand all rows
      • Collapse all rows

Show additional information for each reporting period:

      • Allocation
      • Remaining capacity
      • Capacity
      • Values on heatmap
      • Tasks (When tasks are visible, you can click on a task and see a pop-up with Task details)
      • Timeboxes (and representations of timebox aggregation periods, when timeboxes haven't been created for a given period)
      • Show overall assignment
      • Warnings
Task details pop-up

View and inline edit the details of assigned tasks.

Search for the perfect match using the "Find perfect match" button (Assignee and Team).


To unlock the export features, install the BigTemplate App from the Atlassian Marketplace.

      • XML
      • PDF image

Scale options

Select how to display available using the time period and aggregation options. When looking at the date using the quarter and half year view only colours will be displayed, unless the weekly or monthly aggregation is selected.

Time period:

      • Week
      • Month
      • Quarter
      • Half-year



Navigate through the calendar using the buttons.

Quick filtersAdd your favorite filters to the header and filter tasks from the resource grid. When the filter is applied the workload will be calculated solely based on the tasks which match the filter.
Resource filters

Filter resources using the in-built resource-specific filters to zoom in on a particular Team or its team members.

Summary rowTotal capacity, allocation, and remaining capacity of all resources in the current view.

User can't edit task - reason displayed

When a task can't be edited, the reason is provided in the tooltip

  • missing permissions
    • in integration (connected tool) Jira (a user doesn't have sufficient Jira permissions to edit tasks) 
    • in a box (a user is a viewer only - can't edit tasks)
  • The box is closed or archived
    • the box you're in is closed/archived
    • you are in a portfolio box but one of its children is closed/archived (the resources module of the portfolio aggregates tasks from all child boxes)
  • show overall assignment - a task from a different box (overall assignment shows all tasks assigned to a resource. Tasks in the scope of the box you are in can be edited normally. Tasks assigned to the resource in other boxes can't be edited)