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Risks module

The "Manage fields" splash screen leads you directly to the configuration of the Risks module mapping.  

The Risks module works based on field mapping. If the mapping is incomplete, you get a splash screen prompting you to finish the configuration. Then, based on the mapping, the risks can be visualized in a form of a risk matrix in the Risks module. 

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Scope module

"Move to top" and "Move to bottom" introduced

You can easily move the item to the top or to the bottom of a given level of the WBS. 

Note: the indent/outdent level isn't affected. The task remains nested on the same level of hierarchy.


The extension of the uploaded file can be in upper or lower case (i.e. both .CSV and .csv. will work). 

The following file types are supported:

  • .mpp,
  • .mpx,
  • .xls,
  • .xlsx,
  • .ods,
  • .csv 


Exporting to Excel in Resources module - file contains tasks with workload

Files exported to Excel (from the Resources module) contain Workload, Capacity and Remaining capacity for each Resource (or Skill) on a given day.

In addition, there is information about tasks assigned to Resources and their duration, workload contour in a given day.

Export in the Risks module

Once triggered, export is happening in the background. You can switch to a different screen without disrupting the process. 

Clear permission cache

You can refresh the profile cache without contacting the admin

If changes in Jira groups or permissions were made, you don't have to wait for the app cache to refresh. You can clear the permissions cache without slowing down the app. 

Cache cleared:

  • roles in boxes, to which the user is assigned 
  • user roles
  • permissions to boxes
  • user info cache
  • cache with cloud permissions info
  • groups cache

Widgets configuration

Search the projects list

You can more easily locate the Jira projects to activate/deactivate widgets.