Manage your own absence information:

Accessing your profile

To access your profile and see the absence cards:

Method 1

Click on your avatar at the top and select 'Manage Absences':

Method 2

Click on BigPicture > My profile > Absences:

Submitting absences

Submitting absences by users needs to be enabled first. To enable go to App configuration > Modules > Resources - only a Jira administrator can access this page.

To add an absence, click the '+' button on the right:

Next, select the absence type, start and end date, and add a comment, if needed:

The absence will immediately be visible on the list:

Put a checkmark in Add another box if you want to add another absence right after.

Half-day absences

You can also submit absences for half a day only. To do so, turn on the "Half-day absence in selected days" slider:

Note that by entering a date range and selecting a half-day absence, the capacity for each specified day will be decreased by 50%. This means that half-day will apply to each day of this date range.

Editing Absences

To edit an absence, click on the pen icon. The pop-up modal box will appear.

After making the changes, hit 'Save':

Deleting Absences

To delete an absence, click the bin icon on the right.

Then, confirm the removal: