BigPicture Enterprise is an expansion pack for our BigPicture app, so to use BigPicture Enterprise, you also need a BigPicture license.

With BigPicture Enterprise, you gain access to the following features:

  • Unlimited configuration of Box Types and the possibility to create new Box types
  • Relabeling modules (per Box or per Box type)
  • Unlimited number of private and public scenarios per Box
  • Workload contouring on the Flat, Front-loaded, Back-loaded, and Manual modes
  • Enabling and disabling 2-way synchronization of the Program Increment for all or selected teams
  • Integration with Tempo (available for Server and Data Center hosting)
  • Adding new multi-level drill-down and drill-through reports and customizing the grid of the Reports module
  • Customization of the menu view (available for Server and Data Center hosting)
  • Choosing the geographic location of your data server (available for Cloud hosting)
  • Team synchronization with a Jira group
  • Reports  (Dependencies, cross-team dependencies, milestones and markers, velocity, plan delay, capacity per period)