This report type is available with BigPicture Enterprise only.

Generate a capacity report for a given time period.

NameName of the report.

You can group capacity by:

  • total (this report allows you to see a total sum calculated for a given period of time, which is not possible in the Resources module. The capacity/workload total lets you easily see if a workload in a given project is above or below capacity)
  • per skill
  • per team
  • per user

Conditional field (unavailable for the reports in the "total" category).

Select a skill, team, or user the report will be generated for.


You can aggregate capacity data by:

  • total
  • week
  • month
Start/end date

Optional field.

Specify the time window a report will cover. Data outside of the specified period is omitted in the calculation.

Report data

The report data is expressed as a number of hours. 

The report is based on:

  • Capacity (as calculated in the Resources module - if capacity was overwritten in the capacity panel of the Board module it is ignored)
  • Workload (workload is based on the Original Estimate, but can be overwritten) 
1st columnTotal capacity
2nd columnDistributed workload (used capacity)
3rd column Remaining capacity (when the distributed workload exceeds total capacity, the number can be negative)


Workload is based on the Original Estimate.

In the "manual" contouring mode you can distribute more or fewer workload hours than the Original Estimate suggests. Only the distributed workload is taken into account when generating a report.

Workload contouring can affect the report. 

The Original Estimate is set to 8h. 

Task duration is 4 days (based on the start/end dates).

The task Begins on the last two working days of the month.

The workload contouring is set to "front-loaded". 

Result: In a monthly report, the entire workload is distributed to April. The task contributes zero workload to the May report.


The report covers only data that fits within the Box period. Using the 'date range' filter won't expand the report beyond the start/end date of the Box. If period of your tasks extends beyond the Box period modify the Box start/end date to encompass all your tasks. 

Portfolio Box

In a portfolio, you need to select the Box a report will cover.