There are more filters so you can find your favorite Boxes or settings in a glimpse. You can find Favourite filters in different modules such as the Overview, Gantt, or the Risk module or module-specific filters in the Overview and Resources module. 

Overview module

In the Overview module, two additional filters are available (in addition to the standard cross-module filters). 

Filter by (columns)

You can filter data using active columns. 

This allows you to, for example, filter boxes by budget (e.g. show projects that do not have any budget assigned yet), actual/estimated cost (e.g. show me projects with a cost is higher than 100 000), custom columns (e.g. "company name")

Adjust available filtering options

Adjust a column view - add columns to be able to use their values for filtering

Combining filters

You can combine filters - use more than one column value (only boxes that meet all selected conditions are shown). 


The App allows users to add Boxes to their favorites, regardless of their security role. There are three ways to add a Box to your favorites:

  • Overview (star on the left side column)

  • Directly in the Box switcher

  • In Kanban (the star next to the icon), you can use this filter in all modules via the Box switcher.