In the Timeline mode, the column views configuration allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Add new column views
  • Edit column views
  • Change the name, visibility, and description of the existing views
  • Duplicate a view
  • Delete existing views

Available fields

A full list of available fields is listed on the right during column view creation/editing. 

Additional Jira fields can be added to the list - this allows users to add them to their column views in their own Boxes (Home (root) Box configuration).   

Add a new column view

  1. To add a new view, click on the blue button in the upper left corner.

      2. Then add the Summary, Visibility (Public or Private) and the Description. Once you're ready, hit "Create".

      3. Next, customize the fields by choosing them from the "Available fields" list on the right. You can either drag and drop them to the "Selected fields" on the left, or simply click on the "+" button.

      4. Once you're ready, hit "Save".

Customize a column view


To change the existing description, summary or visibility of the view, click on the "Details" icon. A pop-up window will appear where you can change the existing details.



Click on a column view name to edit it:

Duplicate a column view

  1. To duplicate the view, click on the "Duplicate" icon.

       2. After clicking, a copy of the view will appear on the list of the Column views.

Delete a column view

To delete a Column view, you can either click on the "Delete" icon in the list, or hit "Delete" on the page of the particular Column view. 

Note that you can't delete a currently active view.