You can customize available fields in all Box Columns in the "Box Columns" section of the "Home" root Box.

Changes have to be made in the Home (root) Box. 

All listed fields are available in all Boxes in the app. 

Home (root) Box

On the screen, you see the list of fields that can be added to an Overview column view:

  • predefined BigPicture fields → are always available and can't be removed
  • manually added fields → additional fields manually added by a user

Custom fields - use examples

  • String
    • priority
    • health status
    • department
    • category
    • company name
  • Number
    • Planned Value
    • Earned Value
    • Actual Cost of Work Performed
    • Estimate At Completion
    • Estimate To Complete (more details on budget management);
  • Estimation
    • similar to examples from Numer data type, but expressed in time units (hours, days, weeks)
    • Capacity of Resources assigned to a project
    • Capacity of Resources planned to be assigned to a project in the future etc;
  • Date
    • Project deadline
    • Baseline start date of a project
    • Baseline end date of a project

Add new custom fields

You can add the following Jira fields to the list:

  • String
  • Number
  • Date
  • Estimation 
  1. To add a new custom field to the list of available fields, click on the "+" icon.


       2. Then add the Field name, select Field type, and save the field.

      3. Newly created custom field will appear in the list of all fields.

Delete custom fields

To delete a field, click on the "Delete" icon on the right.

You can't delete predefined fields.