Introducing Box configuration templates - Box types!

You can now save your favorite Box configuration as templates and use the Inheritance mode of popular features like Card Views, Quick Filters, Security, and more, to manage your Boxes more efficiently!

Click the links to learn more about Box types and other new features.

In this section, you can configure the general settings of a given Box.

These include the following sections:

Accessing Box Configuration

You can't access Box Configuration if a Box is in 'Closed' status.

There are two ways of accessing the Box Configuration of an individual Box. 

Firstly, when you are in a Box you want to configure, click the cog icon at the top right. It is available in all modules. 

Secondly, you can click on the wrench icon. It is visible only in the Hierarchy view of an Overview module.

You can be in the Box you are trying to configure (as shown below) - the user is in the "TC-150 Hybrid Project" Box. 

Or you can be in one of the parent Boxes, in the upper level of the hierarchy. For example, you can be in the Home (root) Box. 

Or you could be in a Portfolio Box (if you are nesting Boxes to create a more complex hierarchy).