A backup of the App creates a dump of the application database only. 

It does not include Jira issue data (Jira backup is a separate process that results in a creation of a Jira backup file). 

Step by step instructions

Jira backup vs App restore

Jira and BigPicture store their data separately. 

Creating a dump of the App data IS NOT a Jira backup. 

BigPicture App Configuration > Advanced > Database dumps allows you to create (and download) a backup of the state of the BigPicture App.

Server/Data center to Cloud migration (Jira)

Don't use the Atlassian JCMA tool.

Perform Jira XML backup and import instead. 

How does an App "restore" work?

An App restore overwrites current app data and replaces it with the state saved in the dump. There is no possibility of merging two different states of the app:

  • you can't combine two dumps
  • you can't amend an existing state