To execute your project correctly, start with determining what skills you need to achieve your goals. You can activate the Skill Widget on every issue page of specific projects or issue types.

Skills need to be defined at the task level and at a resource level. Once defined, a skill icon will appear in the Resources module next to the Team name, and in the Skill panel.

Security and access

  • Only Jira administrators can access this page.
  • Click the "wrenchicon at the top right and select "Widgets" from the drop-down list. Next, go to the "Skill Widget" tab.

Enabling the Skill Widget on issue page

When enabled, the Skill Widget can be found in the Jira issue-page below the “People” container:


Jira Projects / Jira issue types

Enable Skill Widget in all Jira Projects or specific Projects only. 

Enable Skill in all Projects / Issue types

Enable the Skill Widget on all Jira Projects and issue types or use the select / unselect all listed items.

To learn more about skills or to define the available skills go to the Skill panel and Resource Manager.