In this section, you can configure the Story Point conversion and Team allocation setting for the currently edited Box type.

You can later modify the Story Point options in Box configuration > Resources > Story points. Only a user with the Box admin security role can access and change the individual Box configuration.

Keep in mind:

  • A “Box type” contains the default settings applicable to multiple Boxes (all Boxes of a given type). Those settings are adjusted in Box type administration.
  • Box configuration refers to the settings of a single, individual Box. They are dependent on the “Box type” settings. 

Security and access

  • Only users with the App admin security role can manage Box types and access Administration.
  • Access:

    • Click the "wrenchicon at the top right and select "Box types" from the drop-down list.
    • Click a Box type name to select it and open its settings.
    • On the left, go to Resources > Basics tab.

Default story point conversion ratio 

Changes made to the Story point conversion ratio apply all Boxes of a given type (both existing and newly created).

You can convert the capacity derived from the WorkloadHoliday, and Absence plans from time units into Story points. This way, you can calculate the default capacity values for your Teams and Team members using Story Points.

When the conversion ratio is disabled, the Box admin is not allowed to change the conversion ratio - a value from the upper-level Box is used. 

Boxes with the "Main" parent type use the conversion ratio of the Root Box (i.e. home).

For example: The Story points page in the Box configuration when the story point conversion is disabled.

Team inheritance

Teams can be automatically inherited from the upper-level Boxes.

  • active → a Box inherits teams from upper-level Boxes.
  • inactive → Newly created Boxes of a given type do not automatically inherit teams from upper-level. 
    If the option was previously active, all teams which were automatically allocated to the Boxes of that type remain unchanged, but now they can be manually "Unassigned" from a lower level. Newly created boxes of that type do NOT have teams inherited automatically from upper level anymore. This way, information about teams (capacity planning, objectives, etc) is still available in Boxes that have used it.

For example:

  • "Program" Box type has the "Auto-inherited upper-level teams" toggle set to active
  • Teams "Bisons", "Elephants" and "Kangaroos" have been added to the Home Box
  • "OMEGA" is will inherit those teams because
    • it is nested under the Home Box
    • it is a "Program" Box type