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BigPicture 8 is here!

Discover the landmark edition of the Atlassian Marketplace top-selling app! The new version is available to all Cloud, Server and Data Center users. Visit BigPicture 8 Documentation to learn more about it.

This section is only accessible for Jira administrators in Jira administration > Manage apps > BigPicture > Technical configuration.

The section's layout, all the options described below and the path to that section apply to BigPicture 7.10.1.

This section does not apply to Jira Cloud users, due to the nature of Jira Cloud hosting.

Technical info and Troubleshooting

Show cache stats

Show the number of entries in different caches.

This reports the cache statistics information and is required in case of occurring performance issues.

Show case providers infoShow all the cache providers.
Clear cache

Clear the apps cache which will result in full synchronization of all the Programs.

Most of the problems with outdated information which can cause errors can be resolved by clearing the cache.

Clear permissions cacheClear the apps permissions cache in case the change in permissions is not recognised by the app.
Download all locks dataGenerate locks report to identify performance issues.
Download all cluster lock dataGenerate locks report to identify performance issues for Data Center clusters.
Release all clusters locks

Release all locks on all Data Center clusters.

In JIRA Data Centre some operations require the a lock to be placed across all nodes for operations that should only be operated on one node at a time, for example taking a backup of the index.

While releasing the locks might resolve the performance issues on your instance this information is required to identify the root cause of the problem hence do not release the locks before contacting Support Team.

Release current node cluster locksRelease current node's cluster lock.
Show Integrity checkerIntegrity check is the process of comparing the current state of stored data and/or programs to a previously recorded state in order to detect any changes.
Fix integrity errorFix the identified integrity errors.
Lock loggingEnable / disable the lock logging.
Maximum tasks to loadSpecify the maximum number of tasks in each program's scope. There is no maximum limit.
Synchronization time intervalSystem job checking and synchronizing changes made in Jira (a process is known as partial-sync)time is configurable. The allowed time interval is 1-10 seconds. 

Basic troubleshooting

This section allows you to perform basic troubleshooting actions or (whenever required) extract information which can be later send to the Support Team. 

If you've encountered any issues with the app and the problem persists after updating to the latest version, please contact our Support Team via the Service Desk providing as much information describing the error as possible.

Please remember, that the more detail we have on the issue, there's a higher chance that we will be able to help you resolving it in a first reply. Therefore, we are always more than happy, when receiving screenshots pointing to the problem, possibly with highlighted field where the defect occurs.

Along with the above we would need you to send us information on the version of Jira which you are currently using and (if by any means you were unable to make an update to the latest release) version of our application as well as the  Fine-grained Log.

Detailed logging

There are three logging levels which specify the amount of information which will be stored in our application's logs. :

      • Warnings
      • Information and warnings
      • Fine grained

Any information logged here may be crucial when investigating app's errors, therefore when reproducing an error always set it to 'Fine-grained' level.

Support dataSend logs to our Support Team directly using the app or download the logs and send them via the Service Desk.
Logs button on app screensEnable / disable the send and download logs button on error notifications.
Feedback button on app screens

Enable / disable the feedback button which found in the right-bottom corner of the screen.

Reporting procedure

If ran into some issues with any of our applications, and wish to help us diagnose them faster, prior to submitting a report to our Support, please follow the steps below.

If you're not a technical user though nor have a Jira administrator's permission, reach out to one who has proper permissions and ask them to:

  1. Set the logging level to fine-grained.
  2. Click the Clear cache and Fix integrity errors buttons.
  3. Reproduce the issue.
  4. In case the reproduction was successful return to the troubleshooting section and click Download.
  5. Revert to Warnings only - logging level.


Set the maximum number of tasks that a single Program can hold to limit BP's performance impact on Jira instance. The default value is 100 000 tasks and there is no maximum limit.

For more information see our BigPicture Sizing Guide.

The performance can be also improved by increasing the synchronization time interval.