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Scope module - Interface overview




Organise your work data using the following features:

  • Sorting (Organise) - organise your tasks using different criteria in an ascending or descending order. When a Jira field is added to the column view it will also appear as the sorting or grouping criteria.
  • Expand/Collapse all - expands or collapses all the tasks with a Work Breakdown Structure.

Export requires BigTemplate app. Different export formats are available:

      • CSV
      • XML
      • PDF image
Manual WBSManually indent or outdent the tasks on the list. You can also delete the tasks from Jira.
Quick filterAdd your favourite filters to the header and filter the tasks from the list.


Change the view options to include more information in the Gantt chart or show additional features:

  • Layout - change the line spacing to fit more tasks on the screen:
      • Compact
      • Normal
      • Wide
  • Detail view - replaces the timeline with the Jira detailed issue view.

Column views

Column views - change the JIra fields show as columns in the

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