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Creating a new Program

All the configuration options can be changed at any phase of the Program's lifecycle.

If a Task with no Start and / or End Dates is added to the scope of a Program, the app will pick the Original Estimate value as its default and set the task Start date to creation date.

Following this logic, if no Original Estimate value is available the app will again use the creation date as Start Date and when the End Date is empty, then it picks the resolution date (if the issue was Resolved) instead. This usually means that a Task will be set as a 1-day duration starting on the Creation date. With Original Estimate mapped as the Start or End Dates, it will represent the duration of a Task.

As a consequence, in such a scenario, the "Auto bottom up" task mode will be applied to tasks with empty date fields to avoid data corruption when the task are structured automatically using presets.

In the case of Sprint and Version tasks synchronization, the "Auto top down" is used by default.

Create a new Program

Select one of the two options:

    • Create Program from scratch
    • Use configuration of existing Program - apply your favourite configuration to the new Program.
Basic data

Enter the following information:

    • Program name
    • Program leader - has access to the Program configuration by default.
    • Program duration - determines the Box schedule's duration and has no impact on the tasks within the Program scope.
    • Privacy settings - when set to private other users, except for the app's admin, will not see the Program in the Program Manager view.
    • Program icon
ConfigurationEnable modules which will be available in a Program. You can also apply existing Program's module configuration.
Advanced configuration


    • Select the Program Increment and iteration synchronization - this module can work in three different modes.