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This article applied to BigPicture version 7.8 and earlier.

If you are using a newer see the Technical configuration articles.

General and custom settings

In order to synchronize task attributes with appropriate Jira fields, modify the mapping presented in this section.

Basically, you can define the general synchronization settings which will apply to all issues within the existing and the newly created Jira Projects.

In case you need to define different field mapping for selected Projects, you can customize your synchronization settings by creating separate configuration schemes.

If the field is already being used you will not be able to select this field again. This applies to the following filed mappings:

  • Start date
  • End date
  • Baseline Start date
  • Baseline End date

Default Task modeThe default task mode for newly created Programs. The task mode setting can be synchronized with Jira using a custom field.
Start / End date fields

This field is used to determine the start / end positions of the task on the timeline and if you want to use a different field it is possible to migrate the data:

Progress field

This setting maps the selected field to a slider on the task bar so that you can change the progress directly using the Gantt interface.

This field does not determine how the progress is tracked and stores task progress in numeric value starting from 0 (no progress) till 100 (task completed)

The following field types are supported:

      • Number Field
      • Time tracking progress (Original)
      • Time tracking progress (Spent)

When Time tracking progress is selected the slider will be mapped to Remaining estimate (Time tracking field).

Gantt - Data - Baselines

This field is used to determine the start / end position of the task's baseline on the timeline and the synchronization of the following field types are supported:

      • Date picker
      • Date time Picker

Date time picker fields are only available on Jira server versions.

It is also possible to disable the synchronization with Jira by selecting the --Not Synchronized-- option.

By default the Baseline start / end date custom fields created during the installation are selected.

Task mode field

The task mode can be synchronized with Jira using a Single List (single choice) type of field with the following select options:

By default the --Not Synchronized-- option is selected.

Milestone fieldMilestones in Jira can generate a label using the "Label" type of field Label format: #milestone.
Save task updates as comments

Task updates can be added as Jira comments. Depending on your Jira notification settings users can be notified when the task is updated via the app.

Working with the Gantt may update numerous dependent tasks with a single operation which will result in numerous notifications if this option is enabled.

Send 'Issue updated" notification after task updates

When enabled the "Issue updated" notification will be sent to users unless the users does not have the permissions to sent notifications.

In case the notifications are not configured and this feature is enabled, only admin users will be notified.

Auto recalculation based on assignee's working daysIf a task is assigned to an individual resource, its period will always be automatically calculated based on assignee’s working days (global Working schedule is ignored).
Add projectCustomize your synchronization settings by creating a separate configuration scheme - general settings are no longer applied for such Projects).

To learn more about task synchronization go to Program Configuration - General - Task structure page or continue to the next section - Link configuration.

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