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Task modes

Task mode information is stored as a custom field and it can be configured in the Program Wizard or Program Configuration.

There are four different task modes (click on the respective mode to find out how it works in details):

You can change the mode of all the tasks or selected tasks only.

Latest versions of the plugin (BigPicture Cloud and BigPicture 7.2.0 and above) introduce new task modes which reschedule start and end dates of the affected tasks.

The "Auto bottom up" task mode will be applied to tasks with empty date fields to avoid data corruption when the task are structured automatically using presets.

In the case of Sprint and Version tasks synchronization, the "Auto top down" is used by default. To read more go to Program Wizard - Creating a new Program.

Summary of changes to the automatic adjustment mechanism

  1. Task is system wide, this means that the period of a task is calculated based on every parent/child WBS relation (Program) in which it exist.
  2. Task mode determines
    1. how the tasks reacts to other changes (e.g. task dependencies, parent/ child in WBS etc.).
    2. how the tasks behaves in relation to it's own children
  3. Auto mode (version before 7.2.0) is being replaced by two new modes: auto bottom-up i auto top-down
    1. "Recalculate parents" functionality (which existed in individual's Program configuration) is replaced by "auto bottom-up" mode
    2. Previously configured Programs will be migrated automatically during upgrade of add-on version according to rules described in the next paragraph

  4. Parent always ignores schedules (both Gantt Working schedule as well as assignee Workload plan and Holiday plan), i.e. start and end date can be set on non-working days
  5. Feature "click to fix period" stays: just in case of corner cases when parent is in "auto top-down" or "lock" modes and for other cases such as:
    a. resize or move of parent, with a "lock" mode child
    b. indenting/ adding a child under a parent, when start/end dates are outside of parent's bounds
    c. change of working days / assignee which causes children to be out of parents bounds
  6. Changes of start/end dates directly in Jira (e.g. edit start date on Jira issue details view which are treated equally with move/resize of a Gantt task on the Gantt

Task mode migration

Because the "auto" mode will no longer starting with BigPicture 7.2.0 and BigGantt 4.0.0, by version upgrade, the system automatically sets a task mode of all the tasks in "auto" mode, based on the following rules:

  • 'auto bottom-up' mode, if 
    • recalculate parent' option was selected in at least one Program with the task in scope.
  • 'manual' mode, if:
    • a task was a parent task in at least one Program involved
    • 'recalculate parent' option was turned off
  • 'auto top-down' mode if,
    • a task was not a parent task in any Program involved
    • 'recalculate parent' option was turned off.

General rules and outcomes

The general rules and outcomes are presented in the table below:


Is task affected by changes in other tasks or links?

Is task affected by changes in working days calendar?

Does moving the task affect children?

Is start / end date of the task editable /movable?


Yes, by either

1. parents

2. links)


Yes, by either

1. parents


3. links)