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Customizing templates

Each of your JIRA issue fields is assigned to a specific style name, which is used during the export operation.

If you do not see a field you would like to export, please let us know via the Service Desk.

When you open an exported Jira issue document, using a document editor such as MS Word or Open Office Writer, you will notice that new styles are available and you can modify them.

A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, color, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading.

Using styles to format your document, you can quickly and easily apply a set of formatting choices consistently throughout your document.

For example, instead of taking three separate steps to format your heading as 16-point, bold, Cambria, you can achieve the same result in one step by applying the built-in Heading 1 style. You do not need to remember the characteristics of the Heading 1 style. For each heading in your document, you just click in the heading. Here's more info about styles for the curious: clickety click!

Remember that you can upload your own files as templates. This means that you can download one of the supplied ones, customize it using styles and upload again to have your own template!

To lear more about customizing templates go to Advanced customization.