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Capacity planning

The Program Increment capacity is the sum of all the teams' capacities. Before the planning occurs, the teams are required to quantify their capacity in order to plan the next iteration. This capacity needs to include the unavailability of the members.

Iteration planning:

At the iteration level you can overwrite the individual capacity of the team members or overwrite the team capacity directly.


Back to Board button

Go back to the Board view.

Highlight changes

The capacities are derived from the Workload, Holiday and Absence plans but can be overwritten in this view. If you make changes it is possible to highlight the overwritten values.

Overwriting the values does not modify the Workload plans.


The capacity can be expressed using different units:

      • Story Point
      • Time values
Total capacity

Total capacity of the Program Increment.

Individual capacityIndividual capacity resulting from the Workload, Holiday and Absence plans.
Team capacity

Sum of the team members capacities.

Capacity changeWhen the capacity is overwritten, all capacities impacted by the change can be highlighted.
Individual capacity

This is an inline editable field. The capacity resulting from the Workload plan can be overwritten.

Inline editing of capacities is only possible at the Iteration level.

Restore defaultsRestore values to match the workload plans.

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