You can multi-select tasks on the task structure using CTRL+left click (or CMD on a Mac), and move or structure by dropping on one of the tasks.

Alternatively, you can move the tasks using the arrows found in the header, and a notification will be displayed if the operation was partially successful or unsuccessful.

Selecting and Unselecting Tasks

You can select tasks using the keyboard or mouse. The table below presents possible actions:

Selecting more than one task is possible with (selected tasks are highlighted in blue):
cmd or ctrl + left mouse buttonSelect tasks one by one.
shift + left mouse buttonSelect a range of tasks.
Unselecting tasks is possible with:
ESCUnselect all selected tasks.
Click out of zoneUnselect all selected tasks.
cmd or ctrl + left mouse buttonUnselecting tasks one by one.

Possible Actions

Once you select the tasks, you will be able to move them, indent and outdent etc., depending on the type of tasks (parent / child). The table below presents possible actions:

Selected tasksAction
parent + all his childrenmove up/down, indent, outdent, delete
parent + selected children/without childrendelete
all children from one parent, but without a parentoutdent, delete
selected children from single parent, but without a parentmove up/down, indent, outdent, delete
selected children from different parents, but without parentsdelete
multiple parents without childrendelete

Period mode change

In the Gantt module, you can change the period mode of any group of selected tasks, regardless of their relationships. 


When you select children from a single parent but the parent remains unselected, all options will be available:

When you add the parent task to that list, only the the delete icon will be clickable: